Tadpole Observation (A Cautionary Tale)

In early spring the frogs gathered by the hundreds in our small pond and spent a very noisy weekend engaging in…well, you know. Think Woodstock, 1970s, lots of free love and partner swapping. Egg upon egg upon egg was floating in the water. It was so remarkable I had to photograph it. See an earlier post here. Really, it was a bit ridiculous. I swiped … Continue reading Tadpole Observation (A Cautionary Tale)

Celebrating Our First Harvest!

What’s tiny, red and tastes a bit spicy? Say hello to our first radish! Ok, so it’s not much, but I am SUPER excited to show off our first vegetable straight out of the hoop house.  Claire was so eager to pick something other than lettuce leaves (she’s been munching on them for weeks whenever we would walk up to water) so I gave in … Continue reading Celebrating Our First Harvest!

Early Spring Nature Activities

If you missed out last year in creating a nesting material dispenser for your backyard birds, buy some onions and hang on to that bag because now is the time! Last year we left out bunches of sparkling ribbon, pink yarn and batting and were treated to some pretty fabulous nests. We’re in a new house now and while walking in the woods, my husband … Continue reading Early Spring Nature Activities

Greenhouse Gardening in Winter

We used an eye dropper to water at firstso the seedlings wouldn’t float away      We’re so lucky to have two large hoop houses at our new house. Right now I’m mainly using them to over-winter some perennials that didn’t make it into the ground, but back in December I thought a little experimentation with  growing vegetables in the winter would be fun. I was … Continue reading Greenhouse Gardening in Winter

Nature Table — Take Two

There’s a nice wide foyer in our new house so I was so happy to recreate the nature table we had set up at the old place. I snagged a divided cubby from Freecycle a while back, and Claire played post office with it until I realized it would be perfect for sorting all the goodies she brings in from outside. 9 spots filled with … Continue reading Nature Table — Take Two