A Swimming Pool…in my crawl space.

We have a crawl space under our house where our furnace (and many families of cave crickets) live.

It flooded in the wee hours of the morning and since we didn’t hear the alarm going off until 4 am, it continued to fill up drowning our furnace.

I hope all of our early morning efforts getting the pumps back up and running help save the furnace (and by “our efforts”, I mean Dan – I stood in the rain offering encouragement and hot cocoa and admiring my hot pink and polka dotted rain boots…Target clearance $3.24, woot!).

I’m grateful that at least it’s warm enough that we won’t need the heat today. Of course there is no hot water either…but maybe one of my blog readers will let my stinky self (and daughter) bathe at their place.

2 thoughts on “A Swimming Pool…in my crawl space.

  1. You didn't mention that you have no hot water. Come on down if you are still in need of a hot bath! How is the laundry situation?

  2. Laundry is fine, luckily we were all caught up so we've got 2 weeks worth of clothes and towels before we have to worry. Did Dan tell you the gasket on the washer came unglued or were you inquiring because of the hot water? Murphy's Law was certainly in play here.

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