Ireland Week 2

I’m writing this entry sitting on the train about to depart for Galway. Apparently, I’ve timed my visit to Western Ireland to perfectly coincide with another storm, many of the passengers are on cell phones discussing the unusual weather this fall, much of which I’ve seen on my visit! We’ve witnessed the front page news hurricane that hit the southern coast of Ireland when we … Continue reading Ireland Week 2

Dining, Sleeping & Playing Al Fresco!

We’re back from our yearly trap shoot/camping trip! Things went so well with Claire, I’m really glad we did a trial run recently. Having the pack ‘n play was awesome, butthe biggest difference was the other kids and teens for Claire to play with. Ginny, 15, was especially helpful (thank you AGAIN if you’re reading this!) and Claire just adored her. I wish I had … Continue reading Dining, Sleeping & Playing Al Fresco!