Daddy Kisses

Claire is just beginning to get the idea that there is more to books then potential chew toys. We’ve been snuggling with her at night reading before bed and during they day when she seems interested (and not too squirmy). Claire seems to appreciate the pictures and especially the textures in her books, maybe one day soon we’ll move onto those awesome popup books I … Continue reading Daddy Kisses


I forgot to post that our little munchkin is finally saying “Mom” and “Dad.” It sounds like a “muhmuhmamama” when she wants me and Dan is known as “duh-dy (spoken quickly and repeated at least three times). Claire looks right at us when she says our names (oh God, we’re Mommy & Daddy to someone). Here are the upright pictures I promised earlier today. What … Continue reading Milestones

8 Months Old!

What – a new banner doesn’t count as an update?! The internet has been down a few days so I’ve been busying myself with Apple’s iMovie.I promise it’s worth the wait! This video showcases some of Claire’s newest accomplishments – crawling, solids and being cute while playing 🙂 There’s also a little montage at the end for father’s day. The video itself doesn’t have sound … Continue reading 8 Months Old!