Celebrating Our First Harvest!

What’s tiny, red and tastes a bit spicy?

Say hello to our first radish!

Ok, so it’s not much, but I am SUPER excited to show off our first vegetable straight out of the hoop house.  Claire was so eager to pick something other than lettuce leaves (she’s been munching on them for weeks whenever we would walk up to water) so I gave in and let her pick a radish from the pot.

These are the ones we planted back in December. They grew s-l-o-w-l-y in our unheated greenhouse, but grow they did. The January and February ones are just as far along. Claire described the flavor as being “like spicy pepper, but it was good too [at the start].”

The rule in our house is that you must try food. You may not like it, but give it a shot. Even parents have foods that they don’t like (don’t you try to sneak any olives onto my plate!), but we should always have a try to see if our tastes have changed. Claire could live on broccoli, kale and garlicky spinach and she loves (gasp!) brussel sprouts. Really, the only things she doesn’t enjoy are mushrooms, olives and (lately) raw tomato. And bread…we almost never have sandwiches because she never eats the bread.

Claire has shown me that it is entirely possible to eat PB&J without the bread, it’s just very, very messy.

Are you gardening with your little ones this year? 

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