Early Spring Nature Activities

If you missed out last year in creating a nesting material dispenser for your backyard birds, buy some onions and hang on to that bag because now is the time!

Last year we left out bunches of sparkling ribbon, pink yarn and batting and were treated to some pretty fabulous nests. We’re in a new house now and while walking in the woods, my husband found this nest on the ground for us to examine, take a close look…

Remember not to take nests still on trees, some birds will revisit the same site year after year!

Do you see the dental floss and the blue string from a nearby tarp? We’ll be spending the afternoon here hanging some yarn remnants on bushes and waiting for the song birds to arrive. With the warm weather our area has been experiencing, we’re expecting the first robins of the year any day now. If you already have a feeding station set up, add an onion bag filled with goodies for your nesters (be sure to keep the string snipped to about 4 inches).

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If you’re looking for a literature tie-in for this activity, I highly recommend The Best Nest by P.D. Eastman…you might just know one of his buddies, Theodor Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss). This book about a bird couple and the pursuit of the perfect place to live.

In other spring news, the wood frogs have been busy in our pond and there are a few THOUSAND eggs just waiting to turn into tadpoles (we might bring a few indoors to watch!). They sound rather like the chickens in the morning, not your usual “ribbit” at all!

Hooray Spring!

2 thoughts on “Early Spring Nature Activities

  1. Wonderful idea! I was just thinking that we should put out some nest building materials for the birds. I've never thought of adding the colorful or sparkly bits, but it really is a fun idea!

    And by the way, we love The Best Nest at our house. It was one of my favorite books growing up and now it's one of my daughter's as well! 🙂

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