Night, night!

We interrupt this busy day of errands and play to bring you…


some peace, quiet and restful thoughts! Claire and I are taking it easy this week – long days of swimming and playing outside are priority number one. Walking up the hill from the beach has been rewarding, wild raspberries are ripe for the picking and boy have we eaten our share! I think at least a pint every afternoon – delish!

If only I could transfer Claire from her carseat to the hammock! It would be a wonderful way to spend an hour, swaying in the summer breeze and perhaps snoozing too. Really, what could be better?

For now I’ll just settle on some PEACE and QUIET in the backyard puttering in the garden and reading while Claire dozes in the car.

Life. Is. Good.

Ahhhh…are you sighing with me?

DSC_0004 DSC_0003

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