Countdown to Supermoon!

Finally! A space event we can see in our neck of the woods (or portion of the hemisphere). With the eclipse starting at 8:11, even littles can enjoy the fascinating sight as the LARGEST moon of the year is covered in shadow. We’re going space themed all week because I love the topic and there’s so many amazing things to share. Here’s a little perspective … Continue reading Countdown to Supermoon!

External link to Do eagle chicks chirp and peep?

Do eagle chicks chirp and peep?

You too can spend your morning gawking at your computer screen, ooohing and aaahhhhing as mama eagle feeds her chicks. The amazing webcam has been set up by Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website. This is the eagle who was all over the news a few weeks ago, thousands tuned in to watch her stoically sit on her eggs while the snow rose higher and higher. The … Continue reading Do eagle chicks chirp and peep?

DIY Suet Cakes

We just read “The Big Snow” by Elmer Hader and (if possible) Claire has become even more obsessed with birds. Having lots of wintry weather here like in the story, it was the perfect time to provide some sustenance to our feathered friends. Claire said I looked just like the old lady in the story when I through the remnants of the suet cakes in the … Continue reading DIY Suet Cakes

From the Archives: Nesting Material Dispenser for Spring Birding

This post was originally published in 2011, we’ve recreated it every year since. Enjoy scouting for colorful nests the birds have made with your materials!  -Regina @ ChalkinMyPocket Some of the most spoiled birds in the northeast live right in my backyard. During the past few months we’ve faithfully provided gourmet food , braving ice and snow to access the feeding station. Claire spends hours snug in her … Continue reading From the Archives: Nesting Material Dispenser for Spring Birding

Fairy houses and my thoughts on Disney’s Tinker Bell

I’ve noticed an explosion in imaginative play this past year. From gnomes over the summer (thanks to the beautiful book we checked out from the library) to today’s obsession with fairies, the world of this preschooler seems filled with magic.   Claire spent days working on fairy houses on our front porch. She’s used rocks, sticks and leaves and is now begging us for a … Continue reading Fairy houses and my thoughts on Disney’s Tinker Bell

A Rhinocerous in our BACKYARD!

Ok, so my title is slightly misleading, but still — check out this awesome beetle we found outside! You know the bug is big when you can HEAR it crawling around under the leaf litter: What a great find! If you were wondering, it’s a beetle in the dynastinae family, a rhinoceros beetle. Just check out that horn, if you’ve found a cooler beetle, I … Continue reading A Rhinocerous in our BACKYARD!