Garden Gnomes and Garden Toads

Getting dirty is a skill set Claire especially excels at. The muddy project Claire is working on in the photo above was inspired by a book we checked out from the library about gnomes.  Claire was enthralled by it, and I must admit that I was as well. Growing up, I absolutely Gnomes by Will Huygen LOVED the Nickelodeon show “David the Gnome.” Turns out … Continue reading Garden Gnomes and Garden Toads

Claire of the Jungle

We’ve been in brush clean up mode these past few weeks, hauling the old, dead cedar trees over to the fire pile and waging war on the wild thorn bushes on the side yard. The weather has been indescribably gorgeous and I’m so glad to have the chance to spend all this time outside during the day with my little munchkin! Of course the “pick … Continue reading Claire of the Jungle

Greenhouse Gardening in Winter

We used an eye dropper to water at firstso the seedlings wouldn’t float away      We’re so lucky to have two large hoop houses at our new house. Right now I’m mainly using them to over-winter some perennials that didn’t make it into the ground, but back in December I thought a little experimentation with  growing vegetables in the winter would be fun. I was … Continue reading Greenhouse Gardening in Winter

Featured Guest: Jen of Paint Cut Paste | Leaf-Print Garden Flags

Please welcome Jen from PaintCutPaste today! She’s an art therapist and Mom to a four year old daughter, who seems to love creative expression as much as her mama. Jen’s training in art therapy shines through the projects she creates, her blog is full of age-appropriate art experiences and material explorations that inspire confidence in a budding artists and above all else — fun! Spring … Continue reading Featured Guest: Jen of Paint Cut Paste | Leaf-Print Garden Flags