Celebrating Our First Harvest!

What’s tiny, red and tastes a bit spicy? Say hello to our first radish! Ok, so it’s not much, but I am SUPER excited to show off our first vegetable straight out of the hoop house.  Claire was so eager to pick something other than lettuce leaves (she’s been munching on them for weeks whenever we would walk up to water) so I gave in … Continue reading Celebrating Our First Harvest!

An interesting "costume"

This is what happens when you don’t give your three year old enough crackers for her hummus: I’m putting away laundry upstairs and Claire shouts up to me, “Mommy! Do you want to see how beautiful my hummus costume is? My hands and fingers are wearing it!”Oh dear. A day for laughs indeed. If I can convince my friend Lauren to divulge her top-secret hummus recipe … Continue reading An interesting "costume"

How to Make Homemade HEART Apple Chips

                       Yummy! A crunchy, sweet Valentine’s Day treat that won’t earn your kids a trip to the dentist – what a delicious, simple and healthy afternoon treat these were! Package ‘em up pretty and I think they’ll make a lovely gift for someone special. Apple chips are about a gazillion dollars per bag at my grocery store so this is a super frugal snack to … Continue reading How to Make Homemade HEART Apple Chips


Two seconds! That’s all it took for nimble Miss Claire to raid the pot of pesto pasta (say that 3x fast) after lunch. This was minutes after she polished off two bowls! I couldn’t understand her since her mouth was full, but I’m pretty sure she was saying, “I LOVES ME SOME PESTO!” Can I truly complain that Claire is stealing pesto pasta straight from … Continue reading GUILTY!

Introducing my sous chef

I was going to write a nice long entry about Claire helping me out in the kitchen while making pizza dough, but she woke up ruining my plans. I’ll just share the photos instead – her flour covered nose tells the story perfectly. Click on the slide show again for larger photos, you’ll want to see these close up for sure! http://picasaweb.google.com/s/c/bin/slideshow.swf Continue reading Introducing my sous chef