Our Lil’ Trooper Endures Her Shots

Another adventure in pediatric medicine for Claire today! Poor kid, it’s bad enough to get poked with a needle and not know why, but today they had to take her temperature to make sure she was healthy before administering the Hib shot. She looked just like this:

Claire requested the thermometer be put under her tongue.
No said the meanie nurse.
Well what about my ear?
No said the meanie nurse.
How about my forhead?
No said the meanie nurse.

Drop your drawers and quite stalling kid!

So after two shots and a weigh in (14 pounds!) we headed back home. Claire has run some great fevers after her previous vacciniations so I’m just waiting around for them to start up. In the meantime, here’s a pic of her from this morning BEFORE our visit.

7 thoughts on “Our Lil’ Trooper Endures Her Shots

  1. I miss Claire so much! Can't wait to come home for some baby kisses. Hope she has no problem with reactions to the shots.

  2. Oh I love that picture so much of the one with her hand over her mouth!! Sorry I haven't been writing Claire Bear, Aunt Laurie has been very busy!! I hope your legs feel okay!! And yay for the giggle, now all you need to do is giggle for me!

  3. you stong baby you!!:) i love that picture too laurie..i'm gonna put it on my computer at work so my co-workers can adore claire some more!! 🙂

  4. okay claire..I officially changed your picture again to the one with you going =o! now i can show you off even more:)

  5. okay- i just realized i put “stong” instead of strong..but that's okay..regina put “quite” instead of “quit”. i guess it runs in our family =p

  6. Yeah yeah…just remember I'm typing one handed during most of these posts. Since you caught that spelling mistake, would you like a job as an editor McManda? 🙂

  7. Ok I officially have a new favorite picture of Claire(for now).I just love the one with her hand over her mouth,she is truly the cutest baby EVER !!!!!!

    Also very proud of my big babies who make me quite proud with their spelling and proofing abilities.

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