Nature Table — Take Two

There’s a nice wide foyer in our new house so I was so happy to recreate the nature table we had set up at the old place. I snagged a divided cubby from Freecycle a while back, and Claire played post office with it until I realized it would be perfect for sorting all the goodies she brings in from outside.

9 spots filled with an assortment of special pebbles, a black walnut and a few dead bugs. But check out the top – those are the biggest leaves we’ve ever found. I’m not sure of the species, they resemble maple leaves and are the size of my head!

Stopping off to empty pockets and rearrange her treasures…just another day in the life of a four year old. Having a dedicated place like this for our little naturalist to showcase her goodies has turned a mess waiting to happen into an evolving display of each season’s beauty. We’ve had everything from wildflowers to colorful leaves to sculptural twigs and I think it’s all be just beautiful.

And the fact that I’m NOT finding this stuff stashed in my bookcases and under her bed keeps me happy.

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