Take a Bite out of Summer with Silly Watermelon Pics

I was browsing through some old photos on my computer and came across a series of shots from Summer 2008. Claire had realized her love of watermelon, and I realized my love of ridiculously huge props for kiddie photography. Slice up a HUGE piece of watermelon and have your camera handy for the hilarious photo op. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have just been … Continue reading Take a Bite out of Summer with Silly Watermelon Pics

Oh My Sweet Beets!

Beets were the one veggie that really thrived last year in my garden. Tucked under the soil, they were safe from the deer and Claire’s busy little fingers. My cherry tomatoes didn’t make it to the table with my daughter’s constant snacking and let’s not discuss my zucchini plants that didn’t produce ANY zucchinis. This is three years in a row I’ve had zero luck … Continue reading Oh My Sweet Beets!

An interesting "costume"

This is what happens when you don’t give your three year old enough crackers for her hummus: I’m putting away laundry upstairs and Claire shouts up to me, “Mommy! Do you want to see how beautiful my hummus costume is? My hands and fingers are wearing it!”Oh dear. A day for laughs indeed. If I can convince my friend Lauren to divulge her top-secret hummus recipe … Continue reading An interesting "costume"

How to Make Homemade HEART Apple Chips

                       Yummy! A crunchy, sweet Valentine’s Day treat that won’t earn your kids a trip to the dentist – what a delicious, simple and healthy afternoon treat these were! Package ‘em up pretty and I think they’ll make a lovely gift for someone special. Apple chips are about a gazillion dollars per bag at my grocery store so this is a super frugal snack to … Continue reading How to Make Homemade HEART Apple Chips

Coming Soon to a table near you…

Meatloaf is not my strong point but last year I saw NotMartha’s monster meatloaf and had to give it a try. Of course I was lacking in both a freaky gelatin hand mold and decent meatloaf recipe. So I winged it. Meat, oatmeal, onions, carrots, zucchini, eggs, spices, ketchup, tomatoes…why oh why did I not write down what went into this DELICIOUS creation?! My best … Continue reading Coming Soon to a table near you…