Celebrating Our First Harvest!

What’s tiny, red and tastes a bit spicy? Say hello to our first radish! Ok, so it’s not much, but I am SUPER excited to show off our first vegetable straight out of the hoop house.  Claire was so eager to pick something other than lettuce leaves (she’s been munching on them for weeks whenever we would walk up to water) so I gave in … Continue reading Celebrating Our First Harvest!

Take a Bite out of Summer with Silly Watermelon Pics

I was browsing through some old photos on my computer and came across a series of shots from Summer 2008. Claire had realized her love of watermelon, and I realized my love of ridiculously huge props for kiddie photography. Slice up a HUGE piece of watermelon and have your camera handy for the hilarious photo op. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have just been … Continue reading Take a Bite out of Summer with Silly Watermelon Pics

Oh My Sweet Beets!

Beets were the one veggie that really thrived last year in my garden. Tucked under the soil, they were safe from the deer and Claire’s busy little fingers. My cherry tomatoes didn’t make it to the table with my daughter’s constant snacking and let’s not discuss my zucchini plants that didn’t produce ANY zucchinis. This is three years in a row I’ve had zero luck … Continue reading Oh My Sweet Beets!

Morning Rhythms

Ever notice when the morning goes well the rest of the day usually follows? I love the morning rhythm Claire and I found. I started to more actively involve her in the whole breakfast process and found that things went more smoothly and were more enjoyable for the both of us. It takes a little longer to get food to the table (and ourselves out … Continue reading Morning Rhythms