How to Make Homemade HEART Apple Chips

                       Yummy! A crunchy, sweet Valentine’s Day treat that won’t earn your kids a trip to the dentist – what a delicious, simple and healthy afternoon treat these were! Package ‘em up pretty and I think they’ll make a lovely gift for someone special. Apple chips are about a gazillion dollars per bag at my grocery store so this is a super frugal snack to … Continue reading How to Make Homemade HEART Apple Chips

How to get your kid to LOVE nature: Ornithology 101

What do you get when you combine a snowy morning, tons of sunflower seeds and our very first non-fiction book checked out from kiddie section at the library? The Pebble First Guide to Songbirds A very happy Claire spent the morning counting birds at our feeder and marveling that her feathered friends had their very own book! Is she too young to begin studying for … Continue reading How to get your kid to LOVE nature: Ornithology 101

Technology for Tots: Fonts

Hello. My name is Regina and I have a slight font obession. Some women collect shoes, I collect fonts…upwards of 300 and counting. I can’t seem to help myself – the files are tiny, I LOVE each and every one. I tell myself it’s totally normal to have so many choices of type (and I’m hoping you’ll tell me too). My latest finds are font sets to … Continue reading Technology for Tots: Fonts

This one’s for the birds!

We just read “The Big Snow” by Elmer Hader and (if possible) Claire has become even more obsessed with birds. Having lots of wintry weather here like in the story, it was the perfect time to provide some sustenance to our feathered friends. Claire said I looked just like the old lady in the story when I through the remnants of the suet cakes in … Continue reading This one’s for the birds!

Our Nature Table

Children are natural collectors, and I’m guilty of the same thing myself, often arriving home with just as much “treasure” in my pockets as my daughter. Rather than discourage our little naturalist-in-training, I carved out some space on an end table to display whatever bounty Claire snags on our nature walks. We filled a few glass vases with some seed pods and birch trimmings (thank … Continue reading Our Nature Table

Celebrating Autumn’s Splendor

I know, I know…two foliage posts in a row – but I can’t help it! The beautiful leaf rubbings we worked on earlier are still on display but this is an even easier project to commemorate the season. Walking with Claire in the yard always turns up a few colorful leaf specimens to work with, here’s the unique way we’re displaying them: I picked up a … Continue reading Celebrating Autumn’s Splendor

Toddler Art: Using watercolor over crayon resist for halloween Spider Handprint

Spider Handprints and Watercolors for Halloween

Halloween Greetings to all! We created some spooky artwork last week gearing up to celebrate Halloween. This was definitely an art project that focused on the art process – it took three days, but was well worth the wait. Any project that helps a three year old work on patience gets a thumbs up in my book. Day 1 – Claire drew a web in … Continue reading Spider Handprints and Watercolors for Halloween