Technology for Tots: Fonts


My name is Regina and I have a slight font obession.

Some women collect shoes, I collect fonts…upwards of 300 and counting. I can’t seem to help myself – the files are tiny, I LOVE each and every one. I tell myself it’s totally normal to have so many choices of type (and I’m hoping you’ll tell me too).

My latest finds are font sets to use with Claire. Check this out:

Wouldn’t this make for fantastic coloring pages or an alphabet chart? I wish I was this clever and artistic! Or maybe you can try something like this:
Both fonts are FREE! Snag them at Click here for the Pictograph front and here for the tracing one. There are a plethroa of fonts on this site, I’ve downloaded a gazillion and have yet to clog up my hard drive. Happy browsing!
After many requests here are 8.5×11 printables of the picture above.
Here’s the link to the full sized landscape version of the alphabet chart:
And here’s the link to the full sized portrait version of the alphabet chart:
By the way – I didn’t watermark this because what kid is going to want to color all over something labeled “Chalk In My Pocket” but I’d love if you’d link back or email me if you share this somewhere.

4 thoughts on “Technology for Tots: Fonts

  1. Thanks for the Facebook plug! While I can't take credit for the great font design, I'm happy to share a great link when I find one!

    @Haleyuns, aren't they great? I threw that little alphabet chart together in about 10 seconds in photosho – I might make another version in an 8.5 x 11 format for my daughter to color in (and for me to hang after of course!)

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