Watercolor Autumn Garland

Is there nothing you CAN’T make beautiful with liquid watercolors? We’ve used them to dye macaroni, as the color base for bathtub puffy paint and as part of our watercolor and batik on paper experiment but my favorite media to drip the saturated color on has to be coffee filters. I love watching Claire concentrate with her tongue poking out of pursed lips (so like … Continue reading Watercolor Autumn Garland

Celebrating Autumn’s Splendor

I know, I know…two foliage posts in a row – but I can’t help it! The beautiful leaf rubbings we worked on earlier are still on display but this is an even easier project to commemorate the season. Walking with Claire in the yard always turns up a few colorful leaf specimens to work with, here’s the unique way we’re displaying them: I picked up a … Continue reading Celebrating Autumn’s Splendor