My 3 Year Old Reads Tolkien

My 3 year old adores JRR Tolkien. No really, she does! Most especially when Daddy reads “Mr. Bliss” to her. Wandering around the stacks at the library (my favorite pastime) I noticed Claire swipe a book from one of the low shelves. As I was turning to unleash my stern voice, I realized she had picked up a children’s book by JRR Tolkien!  That’s right, … Continue reading My 3 Year Old Reads Tolkien

Easiest Letter Activity EVER

Earlier this morning, I was in desperate need of a quiet, mess free activity for Claire so I could nurse a cup of tea and fight off the cold my mother so kindly shared (thanks Ma). The fact that I managed to sneak in a little literacy lesson on Read Across America Day (happy birthday Dr. Seuss!) was an added bonus. A random piece of … Continue reading Easiest Letter Activity EVER

DIY Nesting Material Dispenser | Backyard Birding with Kids

Some of the most spoiled birds in the northeast live right in my backyard. During the past few months we’ve faithfully provided gourmet food , braving ice and snow to access the feeding station. Claire spends hours snug in her pajamas gazing out the living room window laughing at the antics of the tree clinging nuthatches and the clever tufted titmouse. You’d be hard pressed to find … Continue reading DIY Nesting Material Dispenser | Backyard Birding with Kids

Full Size {FREE} Alphabet Chart!

I had a few requests for a larger version (8.5 x 11) of that little alphabet chart I created to show off the free font featured here. Well here you go, just print and color away! And thanks, but no you don’t need to pay me for this LOL! Here’s the link to the full sized landscape version: And here’s the link to the full … Continue reading Full Size {FREE} Alphabet Chart!

Lil’ Letter Caper

  I strongly believe play is the most important learning a three year old can be doing. That said, I have a kid who is endlessly curious about letters and writing (and books obviously). Claire quickly learned all the sounds in our alphabet over the summer (short sounds for the vowels) and now I’ve introduced the letter names. I didn’t follow any formal program — … Continue reading Lil’ Letter Caper

Tech for Tots: Evolution of the Oregon Trail

>>> Regina has cholera. Would you like to push on or rest for three days? If you’re a child of the 80’s, I’m sure this game has a place in your heart. I remember vying for computer time amongst my fellow classmates intent on guiding my wagon full of family west to the promised land. I was so excited to purchase the newer version complete … Continue reading Tech for Tots: Evolution of the Oregon Trail