Morning Rhythms

Ever notice when the morning goes well the rest of the day usually follows? I love the morning rhythm Claire and I found. I started to more actively involve her in the whole breakfast process and found that things went more smoothly and were more enjoyable for the both of us. It takes a little longer to get food to the table (and ourselves out … Continue reading Morning Rhythms

Monster Meatloaf and Other Creepy Baking

Claire’s still too young to appreciate Halloween and all the fun spookiness surrounding the day but Dan and I really enjoyed a couple of creepy meals this past weekend. Check out our monster-hand meatloaf: I was inspired by not Martha but didn’t have the hand mold that she had. I decided to wing it and free-formed our Freaky Friday meal, and it came out awesome! … Continue reading Monster Meatloaf and Other Creepy Baking

Future Foodie?

I sometimes wonder about this kid I’m raising…are there other toddlers out there who INSIST on licking the bowl after making chicken liver pate??? We made this today for lunch and Claire happily helped load up the food processor and push the “WHIIIRRRR” (her description). No photos…I was too busy making sure there was not a liver-splosion in the kitchen! Here’s the recipe – we’ve … Continue reading Future Foodie?

Excitement in the Living Room

I’ve torn my rotator cuff somehow and have been grounded from driving while on some drugs that make me just a bit loopy. Not being able to lift my arm up has been a challenge, but keeping Claire occupied hasn’t been too difficult. Earlier in the week we collected TONS of acorns outside in a wicker basket and when Claire woke up from her nap … Continue reading Excitement in the Living Room


Two seconds! That’s all it took for nimble Miss Claire to raid the pot of pesto pasta (say that 3x fast) after lunch. This was minutes after she polished off two bowls! I couldn’t understand her since her mouth was full, but I’m pretty sure she was saying, “I LOVES ME SOME PESTO!” Can I truly complain that Claire is stealing pesto pasta straight from … Continue reading GUILTY!