Excitement in the Living Room

I’ve torn my rotator cuff somehow and have been grounded from driving while on some drugs that make me just a bit loopy. Not being able to lift my arm up has been a challenge, but keeping Claire occupied hasn’t been too difficult. Earlier in the week we collected TONS of acorns outside in a wicker basket and when Claire woke up from her nap she found this:

Acorns – say it outloud – do you say “egg-corns” or “a-corns?” Just wondering…it’s a bone of contention around here and I know I’m right regardless of how this word is spelled 😉
Oooh…someone is EXCITED and grabbing their chair for a closer look:


First we worked with some tongs and transferred the acorns to a basket. I got the idea from DSC_0096a Montessori preschool lesson where students transfer cotton balls to various containers with tongs.

My tongs were a bit tough for Claire’s tiny hands to handle so after a few tries with the tongs, I gave her a tablespoon and she went to town transferring the acorns one at a time into a shallow ice cube tray.

Claire really took her work seriously, just look at the concentration in her face in this shot:


Good fun that lasted for HOURS. The acorns are still in the living room and we might make a wreath from them or perhaps a meal!  I’m thinking of trying the honeyed acorns, although the griddle cakes are running a close second….yum.  Foraged food from our own yard, how cool!

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