It’s been a looooong time since I posted a picture of Claire helping complete a chore. Here’s Claire with her newest passion – cutlery. Don’t open that dishwasher without having a few spoons and forks for her to put away!

Edited to Add –
For those who sent an email about the photo link – Claire is 4 or 5 days old in the photo. We had just gotten out of the hospital that morning (or afternoon because I really, really liked the food and wanted one more meal out of them!) and I was working on completing the semester interim reports. Nothing like a deadline to beat with a newborn in the house! Even funnier, it was post #6 on the blog…and I thought I was strapped for time with a newborn – HA! I’m lucky if I can write once a week now. I cheat by writing all my posts at once and set them to publish throughout the week (which is why Claire appears to wear the elephant shirt 3x this week). Believe me, I am soooo not as together as I appear to be online!

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