Happy Halloween!

Phew! I have five minutes to make it before November 1st rolls on in – HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We had a great Halloween with our little fairy (or ballerina if she had her wings off) and spent the day celebrating with friends and enjoying tons of sweets. Mmmmmmm…. My personal favorite photo is of Claire and Daddy playing outside together, but there are tons of cute … Continue reading Happy Halloween!

Persistence Pays Off

Kim and I embarked on quite the adventure today – taking all four kids to the lake for a swim and a jaunt at the playground. After packing (which took ages because of the babies) we arrived at the beach. Nicholas was getting antsy and desperate to swim…and of course it started to rain. Did I mention that we had unpacked the car before it … Continue reading Persistence Pays Off


http://picasaweb.google.com/s/c/bin/slideshow.swf What an exciting weekend we had with Claire! Here’s the online album with the photos from her baptism at Blessed Kateri, and a special thanks to Grandbob for playing paparazzi while Mom was otherwise occupied (hey look, Gina is in pictures for once!). Father Albert seemed so excited about having two babies to “dunk.” And DUNK he did, we and the other couple both … Continue reading Baptism!