Nine Months Old

It’s the ninth of the month and time again to celebrate Claire’s “birthday.” I find it hard to believe that nine months have passed since Claire joined our family, sometimes it seems as if she was just born and other days it’s hard to imagine what life was like without her. 9 months of pregnancy seemed to take forever, how quickly time moves once a baby is born.

Here are some photos from today’s early morning shoot. I’m trying out a white backdrop for easy editing in Photoshop at a later time – these were quickly edited in Picasa (lots of fun and free if you don’t already have it).

Here’s a link to all the photos and a slideshow is below. It’s not quite as fancy as the 8 month slideshow but I’m sure you will all enjoy seeing Claire dressed up as a girly-girl in her sundress.

The wicker chair has some special significance in my family. It’s from the wicker store my cousins Joanne & Antoinette owned and it’s been a fixture at my grandparents house for as long as I can remember. The previous resident was “Wrinkles,” the talking puppet who lived in it for about 20 years. My grandfather recently passed the chair along to Claire, who is thrilled to have another toy to pull up on.

6 thoughts on “Nine Months Old

  1. My my my…Time really does fly!! Claire you look like such a big girl already! I'm telling you she's gonna be a Gypsy like Aunt Laurie is you don't take that babushka off of her :). Just teasing the pictures are absolutely adorable as usual! I really wish you could get Claire talking on here. It always makes me smile. Hope to see you this weekend!

  2. Oops I forgot to make mention about the sheet ironing!! 🙂 What happened to pics with the wicker stroller. And Gina do you remember that huge wicker swinging chair we always used to sit in when we went to the shop? I want to take that thing home so bad! Maybe I'll find one and buy it for Claire!

  3. Happy Birthday Claire. Nine months that did go fast. I love her sundress. She looks beautiful sitting in her chair. She going to look adorable pushing the wicker carriage too.

    Love, Joanne

  4. Oh little Claire bear how precious=) Tell Mommy to iron the sheet=P and Aunt Laurie is right–get a video of Claire bear, with sound!! Hooray for more pics though! =)

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