Mealtime Musings


We installed the suet feeders next to the dining room window this year so Claire and I could enjoy the birds during meals. I’m not sure what Claire likes better, having Gecko so close or watching the squirrel navigate the slippery pole to steal some food.

Writing this reminded me of a similar entry last year – how funny! I guess I need some new material ideas!

8 thoughts on “Mealtime Musings

  1. I love those black and whites,they set a certain mood.I read last years post and comments and smiled a bit to see my prediction certainly came true.

  2. Regina where are you? It's been over a week and no pictures of Claire. Are you getting more involved with facebook? Grandbob, Grand CeCe and Grandma Ca Ca what to you have to say? What can I say Regina, you created a monster. Please put on a new picture of Claire.


  3. Gina I hope your new pro status as photog doesn't mean you will deprive all Claire's blog fans.Get snapping woman ! I want newer pictures

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