What an exciting weekend we had with Claire! Here’s the online album with the photos from her baptism at Blessed Kateri, and a special thanks to Grandbob for playing paparazzi while Mom was otherwise occupied (hey look, Gina is in pictures for once!).

Father Albert seemed so excited about having two babies to “dunk.” And DUNK he did, we and the other couple both opted for the full immersion baptism (more fun, and naked time…who can beat it?)

It was really a wonderful day and a great weekend. We had quite the full house with Kelly and Peter (our wonderful Godparents) and their three kiddos spending the night. That’s right, one lap for every kid in the house. Here’s a photo of our group:

Jack and Kaitlyn took advantage of the playroom at the church during Claire’s baptism, but Chris (who happens to be MY Godson) “participated” with Daddy. Even though he was sound asleep, we just know he enjoyed things.

Speaking of sleeping – Claire managed to nap like a champ right through the second half of mass. This has never happened, even without knowing the words Claire usually “sings” along to everything at church. Even the homily 🙂

3 thoughts on “Baptism!

  1. It was a fabulous weekend. Claire was clearly a superstar and seem to be holding court. We loved being there to witness it.

  2. Gina – I was thrilled to allow you the opportunity to star in some of the photos. We had a wonderful time and the ceremony and the party that followed. I am still full!

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