Persistence Pays Off

Kim and I embarked on quite the adventure today – taking all four kids to the lake for a swim and a jaunt at the playground. After packing (which took ages because of the babies) we arrived at the beach. Nicholas was getting antsy and desperate to swim…and of course it started to rain. Did I mention that we had unpacked the car before it started raining? Well, after going through all the trouble to get to the lake, we decided to wait things out in the minivan.

Our plans for a leisurely picnic lunch were quickly changed to a style known as “cram it in fast before the babies swipe your food.” Claire IS interested in food…it just has to be what I’m eating of course.

Our cars were parked near someone’s home and this guy was getting quite the hoot out of us walking back and forth between the car and the start of the walkway with Claire in the backpack, twins being pushed in a double stroller and both Kim and I loaded up like pack mules. He nicely described us as “determined” to our faces…but I’m sure he was on the phone reporting to his buddies that there were are few “crazies” debating if they should take the kids to the beach in the rain.

Well, our determination did pay off. The rain cleared and we had beautiful weather for almost 2 hours. Kim and I (and our copious amount of baby junk) had the entire beach to ourselves. There was lots of splashing, fish chasing and even a bit of sand eating sprinkled in for fun. A slide show of the images can be found below, just click play. To view all the pictures full size – click here. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment about the cutest water babies around.

4 thoughts on “Persistence Pays Off

  1. Super Cute!!!! We did have fun today. The blog's looking so good. The Arapkiles boys are pround to be a part of it.

  2. You put a shirt on that little girl missy!! =) adorable!! I can't believe how big nicholas is!!!

  3. This is tooo cute!! Look at Claire with not one but three very handsome men! Really Dan, hope you're ready to go gray quickly! haha!! I can't believe how big they are all getting! Kim I think you need to start a blog! Glad you guys had a good time.

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