Claire finally got her first taste of solids on May 5 – I know, I know…I have totally been slacking on the photo updates.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well here are some priceless ones of Claire getting her first taste of carrots and then bananas a few days later. Neither of them impressed her as you can see.

Things looked so promising at first too! Claire was mimicking our chewing motions and greedily eye-balling my plate for days. Dan was so excited to feed her, but Claire was much more interested in the spoon and container (go figure).

We even tried using our fingers to feed her since she was used to having those in her mouth. No dice. I’m assuming that eventually she’ll eat (and walk, and grow some teeth…ect) so we’re not pushing things too much.

Peaches seem to be a bit more her style though, at least she doesn’t grimace! Here’s a link to the full album and a slideshow featuring all the pictures is embedded below.

2 thoughts on “Introducing…Solids!

  1. Claire says, “Where's the pasta and meatballs. No Pizza, no chocolate cake! You guys are saving all the good stuff for yourselves. That sucks!”

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