Happy Birthday USA!

Don’t these little splatters look just like fireworks? We used our patriotic marker colors to create a Happy Fourth card for our bloggy friends – enjoy! We’ll be spending the day swimming (hopefully the weather will hold out) and gorging on BBQ goodies like watermelon. We had a little watermelon appetizer today, Claire’s favorite fruit. Some more goofy watermelon pictures below or here in the … Continue reading Happy Birthday USA!

Our Christmas Dinner Adventure!

Ingredients for a Christmas adventure: a smoking oven from that toy your toddler hid in its depths a stomach bug that said toddler shared with Grandma Caca who now cannot leave the couch a grocery store that closed earlier than expected leading husband to announce: “Honey, let’s play Food Network challenge!” Oh my gosh. So…we have no where to cook the giant 24 lb. turkey, … Continue reading Our Christmas Dinner Adventure!