Happy New Year!

One of my many resolutions is to post more to Claire’s blog. I’ve been slacking a bit according to the aunties!


So here’s a photo from the Christmas card session, I wound up going with the hooded sweater as you can see here. But I didn’t want this photo to get lost – I just love the sun shining on her hair and the catch-lights in her eyes!

Have a happy and healthy 2009 from all of us 🙂

PS – I hope YOUR resolution has something to do with commenting more on the blog, especially Grandma Caca who finally has a new laptop!

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I love this picture! Hope you had a good New Year! Hope to see you soon! We should get the little ones together. I am sure they would have a blast!

  2. Hi Regina,

    Great pictures of Claire and your Christmas celebration. Baby Michael is so beautiful.

    Happy New Year to you all.



  3. Hey Rachael!

    Getting the girls together would be awesome – I'm so bummed I missed Santa at Hilltop this year, did Brooklyn get her photo there this year?

  4. Hi Joanne! Great to hear from you, I hope the triplets and James enjoyed their holiday too! We loved the whole family portrait that Bridgette and Anthony chose for their card this year, we might have to copy that for next year especially since Aunt Nikki gave us a gift card to The Picture People. Dan and I can finally be in a photo together with Claire, hooray!

  5. I love this picture ! and yes I am commenting ,it isnt that I am not looking it is that what can you say about the prettiest smartest kid in the world everyday 🙂

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