Crime and Punishment


Another post featuring Claire at her naughtiest – what has this blog come to?! I’ll just chalk it up to toddlerhood.


Here’s a snapshot of Claire doing the time after the crime and wiping down the wainscoting she decorated. While I appreciate Claire’s attempts at improving our kitchen decor,I prefer the clean look of white cabinetry and molding to the bold orange of her marker.

Can I just plug Crayola products for a minute? They really do wash out of everything, and I can’t say the same for some other brands we’ve tried. Of course we haven’t yet bought the fingerpaint kits – I’m not that brave yet. Claire and I have a few birthday parties coming up…maybe I’ll gift some paint and experiment at other people’s houses 😉

DSC_0410All this talk of art reminded me of school. At the end of the day in second grade, I used to build in a 15-20 reading time where we’d all unwind and read out loud together or scour the Internet for some “guest readers.” If you have a few minutes check out Storyline Online’s version of the great book, “When Pigasso Met Mootise.” It was always a favorite of the second graders and Claire LOVES to watch this seven minute clip. The Screen Actor’s Guild has done a great job gathering celebrity readers and animating the actual pages in a variety of books – a very cool website we visit often, and fitting for Claire’s recent love of all things art.

2 thoughts on “Crime and Punishment

  1. oh how i know the feeling. my 2 year-old LOVES to color … and spill. add to that cry and you've got her down pat.

    thanks for stopping by my blog today! (and i LOVED the family pic below with Claire turning around for the papparazzi! very sweet!)


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