Toddler Art: Using watercolor over crayon resist for halloween Spider Handprint

Spider Handprints and Watercolors for Halloween

Halloween Greetings to all! We created some spooky artwork last week gearing up to celebrate Halloween. This was definitely an art project that focused on the art process – it took three days, but was well worth the wait. Any project that helps a three year old work on patience gets a thumbs up in my book. Day 1 – Claire drew a web in … Continue reading Spider Handprints and Watercolors for Halloween

Coming Soon to a table near you…

Meatloaf is not my strong point but last year I saw NotMartha’s monster meatloaf and had to give it a try. Of course I was lacking in both a freaky gelatin hand mold and decent meatloaf recipe. So I winged it. Meat, oatmeal, onions, carrots, zucchini, eggs, spices, ketchup, tomatoes…why oh why did I not write down what went into this DELICIOUS creation?! My best … Continue reading Coming Soon to a table near you…

Santa’s Visit!

Claire must have been a good girl this year, Santa and company brought lots of gifts and I’m predicting a year of very exciting play! Pretend play rules supreme right now, Claire especially loves imitating things she sees around the house. In her new play kitchen, she’s making mean cups of tea for Daddy every night and we’ve had many treats of “happy cake” delivered … Continue reading Santa’s Visit!

Mommy! Dat’s a BIG Bird!

We love our “tweets” around here and I’m loving Claire’s long toddler sentences! She spied this red-bellied woodpecker (yes, red-BELLIED…some ornithologist missed an anatomy lesson) and has been yapping on about the big bird “dat fwies and eats awl da yums, he ees big!” Claire wakes up every morning waiting to make “anjewels” in the snow and informs us about the phases of the moon: … Continue reading Mommy! Dat’s a BIG Bird!

Monster Meatloaf and Other Creepy Baking

Claire’s still too young to appreciate Halloween and all the fun spookiness surrounding the day but Dan and I really enjoyed a couple of creepy meals this past weekend. Check out our monster-hand meatloaf: I was inspired by not Martha but didn’t have the hand mold that she had. I decided to wing it and free-formed our Freaky Friday meal, and it came out awesome! … Continue reading Monster Meatloaf and Other Creepy Baking

Happy Halloween!

Phew! I have five minutes to make it before November 1st rolls on in – HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We had a great Halloween with our little fairy (or ballerina if she had her wings off) and spent the day celebrating with friends and enjoying tons of sweets. Mmmmmmm…. My personal favorite photo is of Claire and Daddy playing outside together, but there are tons of cute … Continue reading Happy Halloween!