Take a Bite out of Summer with Silly Watermelon Pics

I was browsing through some old photos on my computer and came across a series of shots from Summer 2008. Claire had realized her love of watermelon, and I realized my love of ridiculously huge props for kiddie photography. Slice up a HUGE piece of watermelon and have your camera handy for the hilarious photo op. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have just been … Continue reading Take a Bite out of Summer with Silly Watermelon Pics

Through Her Eyes

                                                       I wrote shortly after Christmas about Claire’s excitement after receiving a digital camera for Christmas from her Aunt Nikki and Uncle Matt. I finally got around to taking a look at what she’s been photographing and I laughed out loud at many of the images and marveled over the beauty of the “everyday” she captured. I’d like to think I was looking through her … Continue reading Through Her Eyes

Happy Birthday USA!

Don’t these little splatters look just like fireworks? We used our patriotic marker colors to create a Happy Fourth card for our bloggy friends – enjoy! We’ll be spending the day swimming (hopefully the weather will hold out) and gorging on BBQ goodies like watermelon. We had a little watermelon appetizer today, Claire’s favorite fruit. Some more goofy watermelon pictures below or here in the … Continue reading Happy Birthday USA!