Santa’s Visit!

Claire must have been a good girl this year, Santa and company brought lots of gifts and I’m predicting a year of very exciting play!

Pretend play rules supreme right now, Claire especially loves imitating things she sees around the house. In her new play kitchen, she’s making mean cups of tea for Daddy every night and we’ve had many treats of “happy cake” delivered right from her “hot hot oben or mikeywave.” If you don’t blow out the pretend candles (over and over again) the chef gets very upset. The play kitchen is a HUGE hit, just the right size for her to reach everything and attractive enough for placement in a corner of our dining room.

Huggy Baby, Teddy and Baby Baby have a nice little set up going in the living room with a choice of pack and play, bouncy seat or table side high chair (which looks remarkably like cousin Aidan’s seat!). Claire’s little play table is set up right near her kitchen for meals with her stuffed friends or parents.
Claire received a fantastic set of cutting foods (velcroed wooden fruits and veggies) which she cuts up and washes before throwing the whole lot in her pot for stew. These mixed up wooden meals are quite delicious especially when served by a 2 year old wearing a chef hat and apron. I’m hoping to grab a photo of Claire in her full cooking regalia today…cross your fingers that she’s into them, there is no forcing a 2 year old to dress up if she doesn’t want to!
In other playtime fun, the nuts and bolts are still a challenge in the wooden toolbox Santa brought. Daddy’s help is sought out for those, but she is a pro with the hammer and nails enthusiastically fastening on layers of tabs and nailing them together. Dear Melissa and Doug – we LOVE you and all your wonderful wooden toys!

Thankfully even with all the excitement and new toys it doesn’t look like a Toys R Us explosion in my living room (well, anymore). Right after Christmas I pared down what we had out and it really seems to focus Claire on the whole play – put away cycle.

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