Great Valentine’s Reads In Books and Online

I visited my local library Monday, really sad that the due date had arrived for our Valentine’s story books. After reading “Sweethearts” by Jan Carr every night for the past two weeks, I’ve grown rather attached to the sweet family of panda bears who inhabit its pages. Of all the holiday themed books we checked out, this was by far my favorite. Claire has been so … Continue reading Great Valentine’s Reads In Books and Online

Spray Paint Valentine’s Cards

Part of the joy of creating art is the process. In fact, the process IS the joy and the whole purpose in much of the preschool art experience. Exploring materials, experimenting with different techniques — this is where the excitement is at! Here’s our take on a process oriented Valentine. To concentrate your tongue MUST be sideways. It’s a fact. I’m working with a three … Continue reading Spray Paint Valentine’s Cards

Valentine’s Day Wreath Toddler Style

Crafty Claire strikes again! There is a poofy, pink and very glittery wreath on my front door. It’s fab. ((Did I mention the glitter?)) I’m thinking everyone needs a wreath like this on their front door. And I’m sure this is proof that I’ve been sniffing too much polyurethane while finishing our staircase. Three stairs down and at eleven to go…I’m sure there will be lots … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Wreath Toddler Style

Merry Christmas!

I sure hope your family had a wonderful Christmas, we celebrated with a big family gathering, lots of delicious food and much laughter. Watching Claire just enthralled by all the magic of Christmas was the best gift of all. And snow?! Well we certainly got that. Our first storm of the season, and what a storm it was. Our family left late on Christmas day … Continue reading Merry Christmas!