Future Foodie?

Meet Claire, the tomato loving toddler! I grew more then a dozen tomato plants this year in a variety of hues. Some I nurtured from seeds and others I grabbed on markdown from a local farmer. All thrived. The tomatoes survived drought, neglect and most importantly – deer.

We had a real hodgepodge out there, but it allowed us to sample a lot of different flavors. Please note that none of the cherry tomatoes actually made it into the house because Claire snagged them off the vine as soon as they ripened. You have to watch this kid closely, she stalks those plants for any hint of red!


The season is winding down and I decided to slice up some different tomatoes for Claire to taste side by side. We tried the yellow “Sungolds:, the green “Mr. Stripey”, and a cherry tomato whose name escapes me. I tried using words like “tangy” and “sweet” but Claire simply replied they were “yummy” or “squishy.” We’re working on it…

The one that earned Claire’s thumbs up approval was the green Mr. Stripey. It seems to have been everyone’s favorite this year. Sweet and tangy at the same time and a very nice texture.

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