In Praise of Mud

The day after I blogged about Claire amusing herself swinging from vines and sculpting with mud I read this article:

Young girls who play in the mud tend to end up healthier than those who don’t, according to a researcher at Oregon State University. (AP Photo)

A dirty tub is the least of my worries at this stage and we’ve made trips to the park for the sheer purpose of puddle jumping (our local playground gets the best puddle located just near enough the “parent bench” for me to watch but not get spattered).

I year or two ago, I met up with my girlfriend at the park and we were letting the girls enjoy some puddle jumping. Parent after parent came up to us warning us the girls were up to no good. I wonder (as the article above suggests) if there really is such a bias to “dirty” play for girls.

Or perhaps they didn’t want to say yes to their own kids. Who knows.

Around 2 years old in the driveway’s muddy puddle.

 And here’s Claire in August of 2008, I can’t believe how LITTLE she is and how much her voice has changed since then!

And here is a picture of my cutie all cleaned up! Just found this on my computer, these digital photos seem to play and hide and seek on my hard dive at times!

One thought on “In Praise of Mud

  1. I like to think that it is just that their kids will want to join in. After all, what is the point of childhood if you aren't allowed to get dirty playing?

    Mind you, I think this means that my little girl is going to grow up the healthiest human being ever…

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