Daddy Kisses

Claire is just beginning to get the idea that there is more to books then potential chew toys. We’ve been snuggling with her at night reading before bed and during they day when she seems interested (and not too squirmy). Claire seems to appreciate the pictures and especially the textures in her books, maybe one day soon we’ll move onto those awesome popup books I bought ages ago while pregnant!

You might have noticed the new widget featuring some of the books we’re reading on the right side of the blog. I snagged the code from, a cool site where you can share books with friends and even review them – sort of like a flixster for the written word! Sign up and look for us (k7rlgina).

Here’s a video of Claire “reading” on her own and a sweet photo of Dan snuggling with Claire during tonight’s bedtime story – take note of the title.

2 thoughts on “Daddy Kisses

  1. Claire – reading is a great activity to get into. I cannot wait to hear you read to me!

    On another front – I spoke with A. Annie last night. She is very busy taking care of Austin. She sends you her love.

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