Crafty Treasure Unearthed Deep within Cellar

Nearly half a year has passed since Claire’s great-grandfather died (you can read my long rambling post on taking Claire to the viewing and funeral here). We’ve been slowly cleaning out the house preparing it for sale and I can’t help but smile at some of the things found beneath a rather thick layer of dust in the basement. Record players, dresses, cameras, a plastic blow up Santa from 1960 (and used every year since). Really, it’s quite astounding.

My grandparents were children of the depression – nothing went to waste and much of what they bought through their married life seems to still be in the basement. A lot is bound for the bin, but I can’t wait to put a few of their things to good use in my own home.
When Claire was born my grandmother set up what can only be described as a shrine. This was one proud great-grandma! There was no entering their house without committing to a 20 minute bragging session complete with photos and video.
Nanny passed away when Claire was four months old, but she snuck quite a bit of grandmotherly love into that short time. My grandmother would be thrilled to know that Claire will learn to sew on this teeny-tiny machine found tucked away in a closet.
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How fantastic is this little guy?  Just the right size for a child, right! You can operate it by battery or use the hand crank. I’m “SEW” glad they kept the box because the retro-packaging makes me smile.
I vividly remember sharpening pencils in elementary school. I would finish my math sheet or a book and wander up to the front of the room to slowly sharpen my pencils and gaze out the window. I know these old sharpeners have been replaced with electric models in most classrooms so I’m happy to have this little piece of hand-powered machinery at home.
Claire has already made sure that both ends of our colored pencils are in tip-top shape. Turning the handle is such a simple activity that produces such gratification!
What treasures! I’m so happy to have these little mementos from my grandparent’s home. Are you or your children enjoying some family heirlooms in your everyday life?

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