Claire of the Jungle

We’ve been in brush clean up mode these past few weeks, hauling the old, dead cedar trees over to the fire pile and waging war on the wild thorn bushes on the side yard. The weather has been indescribably gorgeous and I’m so glad to have the chance to spend all this time outside during the day with my little munchkin!

Of course the “pick up sticks with Mommy” game gets old quickly but Claire has kept herself busy (and fit!) swinging on grapevines and playing in a giant mud pit. The [really] dirty laundry has been worth it. The yard is nearly cleared and ready for planting! Can’t wait to share some before and after pictures once we get our landscaping in!


The chickens seem thrilled with the warmer weather too — they’re constantly on the hunt for green sprouts (eat those weeds, girls!) and the grubs and slugs don’t stand a chance. Claire has started gathering the eggs in the morning on her own and I love watching her weave her way up to the barn jumping over logs and then carefully walking back down to the house with the chickens trailing behind. When she runs, they run. It’s a pretty funny site to enjoy while I drink some coffee

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