Watercolor Autumn Garland

Is there nothing you CAN’T make beautiful with liquid watercolors? We’ve used them to dye macaroni, as the color base for bathtub puffy paint and as part of our watercolor and batik on paper experiment but my favorite media to drip the saturated color on has to be coffee filters.

I love watching Claire concentrate with her tongue poking out of pursed lips (so like her father) as she watches the colors run together trying to create the perfect shade of “turk-a-boys.” That’s turquoise for those of you not schooled in Claire-speak.

liquid watercolors

Looking for an affordable set of liquid watercolors? These are our favorite liquid watercolors: super-duper concentrated and for about $13, can be stretched with water to last forever.

We’ve got a giant tree filled with round colorful leaves and I persuaded Claire to donate a few of her creations for a little autumn garland for the mantle. This is inspired by Rebecca Cooper’s St. Patrick’s Garland which I’ve been drooling over for the past few months. I just adored her use of book pages as background and found quite a few to tear apart upon unpacking in our new house (who knew my old computer science texts would be irrelevant just a few short years after college).

Happy Painting!

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