Falling For Autumn

Well hello friends! Excuse my long absence, I’m back in the swing of things and eager to reconnect with all my bloggy-land friends!

New House, New Pets! Meet Claire and Claire the Chicken.

We’re happily settling into our new home and after a few weeks (months!) of craziness, I’ve got quite a back log of exciting crafts and activities to share.

I must first say thank you to all the well-wishing friends who sent emails checking up on us after I took a long break from blogging. Things have been hectic but VERY exciting and I cannot say how much I appreciate folks from around the world (um…wow!) reaching out to me.

Home. Sweet. Home.

Tonight we celebrated Daddy-O’s birthday (Daddy-o Scare-io and Mommy-O Scare-io are our nicknames given by Claire this summer — and no I have no clue where they came from). Dan’s birthday signals the end of summer for us, so in the next week we’ll be celebrating autumn with seasonal crafts starting tomorrow with a little leaf project!

Lanceovate and Obovate are my favorite names!

I have a few favorite projects from the archives if you’re itching for some “right now!” inspiration:

Leaf Rubbing Collage
Coffee Filter and watercolor leaves on chalkboard
Freaky Halloween Hand Meatloaf

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