Christina left a comment to try out an alternative to the boogie grabbers I blogged about yesterday.

Eeekh! I have tried all those battery operated gizmos, but the noise scares my kid to death…. Finally my doctor, who has three girls herself! said I had to get a Nosefrida, whew! Much better, and easier to lug around. I think you need to add that one to your collection!

– Christina

Ok, I’ll bite. I’m all for things that make it a more comfortable for my daughter. I just have to know – is it a gross at it looks? I know, I know…there are reassurances all over the site that you’re not slurping up your kiddo’s snot as your next snack – but weren’t you just a little nervous that first time?! Laurie has a boogie phobia (due to childhood trauma, nothing to do with me ) so I can’t wait for her to this post!

Here’s a link to the Nosefrida site (while you’re there ask them why they labeled their photo “bad haired mom”).

PS: If you’re totally grossed out, don’t worry – I’m ending the boogie posts here (although yesterday there were 30 unique visitors with some out of the country – you readers seem to love the gross stuff!) I’ll be finishing up my blog entries about LI this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “NoseFrida…

  1. ew. that just looks wrong–how do you not slurp up the boogies? Yeah, Laurie's boogie phobia isn't because of you hahah that's funny. Every phobia Laurie has is because of you!

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