I’m Talking to You, Anonymous!

Peek-A-Boo! Claire is modeling G-Ceil’s knitting.

One of the most exciting things about maintaining this blog for me has been reading the comments. I hope everyone else is noticing them too! One day I hope to print this out for Claire in some kind of a scrapbook format and the comments will be an integral part of this record, whatever format it takes.

That said – all you folks commenting as anonymous are hearby ORDERED to use the “nickname” radio button when posting a comment. You can call yourself whatever you like (including you Grandma Poo) but in order for my little widget on the right to work correctly and look nice, choose nickname rather than anonymous.

Other changes to the blog include the festive new header! I think I might change that seasonally to keep things fresh.

I’m trying again to include a video. This was taken with the webcam on my iMac so the quality is not the greatest but Claire wanted to show off her head control and conversation skills. Hopefully it won’t stall like all the others.


7 thoughts on “I’m Talking to You, Anonymous!

  1. This video is really cute. She sure is talkative. I particularly like watching the steam rise off what I believe is Claire's head (hopefully not her diaper)!

  2. Gina,as you know I spend alot of time talking to Claire on the phone daily so I feel I can officially translate for her. She is saying,”MOM, turn off the camera! My butt is on fire ! ” Great video! she is really holding her head and body up well for her age

    Grandma Ca Ca

  3. Oh my GOd Gina she is SO cute! I am so happy to see you enjoying your time with her. Man is goes FAST!!! I LOVE when her little neck gets tired and it bobbles down and then pops back up. SHe is so talkative too. Wonder were she gets that from! 🙂 I am loving the blog thanks for keeping it up. I makes me feel better being so far way. I just wnat to hold htat cutie pie!!! -kelly

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