Camping with our Kiddo


As Claire is getting older, we’re finding it easier and easier to camp with her – less stuff to bring and definitely less worrying about what she’s going to cram in her mouth next — oh dear God, did she eat ANOTHER bug!  Our stash of kid stuff seemed huge last year (see here and here), but we pared things down this year and stuck to a  few choice toys and her stroller.


Claire is still too young for the motorbikes and trap field so we stuck close to camp playing with friends, chasing balls and collecting creepy crawlies. We whipped up some homemade playdoh a few days before the trapshoot following this very simple, no-cook recipe here. I got the kids into creating these playdoh people – what a hit! Even the adults got into sculpting them! The heads on a stick were a bit odd for sure, but no one found it too macabre! Perhaps next time we’ll upgrade to some popsicle stick bodies.

Step One – Get a nice hunk of play doh and shape it into a round ball

Step Two – Gather bits of nature (a quote from my model above) to create facial features. We got a nice botany lesson from Ara as we found bristly weeds for eyebrows and mustaches – thanks!

DSC_0275 DSC_0273

Mount your people to sticks and take VERY creative family photo, note the family pig…very cute:


I’m linking this post up to The Play Academy over at Nuture Store.

4 thoughts on “Camping with our Kiddo

  1. what a wonderful weekend you had ! Claire is very lucky to have parents that enjoy the outdoors and nature.The playdoh families are great ! I want to do that soon with Claire, maybe we can do a fall/holiday theme .

  2. I love this. My girls always enjoy using natural materials in their art – they'll like this idea for crazy hair 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing with us at the Play Academy.

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