Thinking about BIG numbers with little kids

How Much? How long? How many? Answering ONE MILLION questions is par for the course with a 5 year old. The questions come quickly, especially in the car, where I’m captive and nothing seems to make Claire happier than rambling on about all those things she wonders about. Claire: How long until I start Kindergarten? Me: In September. It’s about 3 months away. Claire: When … Continue reading Thinking about BIG numbers with little kids

Celebrating Math with Children – Happy Pi Day!

flickr user mag3737, Tom Magliery On a day where so many are celebrating one of the most recognizable math mathematical symbols out there – I wanted to take a second to point some of you in the Northeast to a new children’s museum celebrating math in New York City.  Don’t picture galleries of ancient slide rules and walls filled with retired models of TI calculators (my friends … Continue reading Celebrating Math with Children – Happy Pi Day!

Pattern Playtime

  When I hear the sound of plastic beads hitting the art room floor I cringe…it usually means that for the next 3 days I’ll be vacuuming up accidentally scattered beads from the entire house (and it sound like machine gun fire, I’m sure it’s not good for my vacuum). Sometimes though, there’s a creative mathematician on the loose who must be loocking for something … Continue reading Pattern Playtime

One {Counting} Pop Up Book to Add to Your Library

Vanessa of Silly Eagle Books recently wrote a post featuring children’s books about art and it got me thinking — what about books that ARE art?

My local library is a treasure trove of awesome pop up books. I consider many of them superb examples of sculpture, and they are certainly accessible to and engaging for little hands. Due to their delicate nature they are not available for checking out, but our library trips are usually a 3 hour long event — much of it is spent engrossed in these books. Continue reading “One {Counting} Pop Up Book to Add to Your Library”

How Make a Colorful Venn Diagram

I’m planning a little something special this week with an old favorite – crayon shavings and wax paper sun catchers! I thought I’d post this little tidbit for those people about to teach color combinations: (two separate circles – they’re overlapped in the photo) If you could make a few of these in primary colors (and manage to get the shavings more even than I … Continue reading How Make a Colorful Venn Diagram