Introducing my sous chef

I was going to write a nice long entry about Claire helping me out in the kitchen while making pizza dough, but she woke up ruining my plans. I’ll just share the photos instead – her flour covered nose tells the story perfectly. Click on the slide show again for larger photos, you’ll want to see these close up for sure!

5 thoughts on “Introducing my sous chef

  1. too adorable!! and what a mess ! I see you paid attention and at least attempted to comb her hair.Seriously G we may have to send her for a kiddie makeover if you dont shape up. Great pics! It is great to cook with your little one

  2. Haha I like Mom's comment..
    I was on the phone while you were taking these photos so I truly enjoy them because I heard her at the same time=) She's getting so big!! I love these pictures, they're just too cute! And yes! thank you for doing her hair!!!!

  3. oh my gosh – how cute – glad u r including claire in the kitchen! now, was that pizza dough soaked beforehand? looking forward to catching up soon!

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