Visiting Pets

My neighbor’s beagle is an escape artist, and as I understand it, this is not an unusual trait for the breed. Funny thing is, rather than chase down squirrels or roll in roadkill, Buster makes a beeline for our backdoor. I have no clue what keeps him coming back, but I think it might have something to do with the undivided attention of a devoted fan.

And they called it…puppy love

Or maybe it’s just the crumbs on the floor and random of bits of food we find through the house. I shared with the Chalk In My Pocket facebook group a funny little exchange with Claire this weekend:

Claire (while holding random pieces of mango

“Can you put these in the ‘frig-raider’ to make them fresh again?”

Ummm…no. And I think we have the answer to why Buster loves your room. Snacking on steak lately kid?

Do your kids have pets of their own or do you “borrow” animals from neighbors like we do?

4 thoughts on “Visiting Pets

  1. We've a great dane they tend to use for a matress and a small mongrel who gets dressed up and dragged around a lot. They both seem to enjoy the attention. We also have 3 chickens which provide a lot more enjoyment then I had imagined!

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