Visiting Pets

My neighbor’s beagle is an escape artist, and as I understand it, this is not an unusual trait for the breed. Funny thing is, rather than chase down squirrels or roll in roadkill, Buster makes a beeline for our backdoor. I have no clue what keeps him coming back, but I think it might have something to do with the undivided attention of a devoted … Continue reading Visiting Pets

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Brrr! The cold weather seems to have really hit and sources tell us that our “snowstorm” Friday night into Saturday beat out the Maine crowd for first flakes! I was dying to get Claire outside in her little snowsuit and take a “Baby’s First Snow” picture, but our dusting melted too quickly. I came across this photo I took after feeding Claire on Friday. I … Continue reading Baby It’s Cold Outside!