Thoughts on Failure and Honesty

It’s confession time – 

Sometimes I’m discouraged when I read other people’s blogs – especially creative blogs where every resulting project is perfect and looks like Martha Stewart helped in the final styling.

I’m dying to know what happens behind the scenes. Do they ever mess up? Is their house a disaster? 

Mine is. But I’ve shown you those pictures before. For posterity though:
Someone got into the hand me down bag…
We’re all human. 
We all make mistakes.
Some of these mistakes are rather spectacular and should be shared with the masses.
That’s why I submitted my recent “oops” over at CraftFail where mistakes are celebrated. Revered even. 
Especially one as inspired as this:
Do you see what I see?
This was supposed to be a cool adaptation of my bathtub puffy paint. Yeah, not so much.
Head on over to and find out more about my “Soapy Error of Phallic Proportions.” 
And don’t worry, I’m giggling too.
Any craft fail stories to share?

20 thoughts on “Thoughts on Failure and Honesty

  1. Fell out of my chair laughing!! Yes, I fail. Yes my house ends up as a disaster most days…and YES…our old cat barfs every day and it's always a “surprise” to find out where.

    No one is perfect, no one's life is perfect. The world would be very boring if it was a perfect place.

  2. What a great (and humorous) post! I've had plenty of crafts fail . . . I'm actually not very good at crafts, which is why most of my blog focuses on home renovations — my husband does all of those! I just come up with the ideas and he makes them happen. I love your site btw. You make crafts seem simpler!

  3. I was thinking the same thing today! My house is always a huge mess! Everyone seems to have these perfect outcomes and perfect houses when you look at the pictures everyone posts. Actually, you look like you have this perfectly clean , neat house! So you are fooling me!
    It is all about the process in arts and crafts—-mistakes need to happen to get to even better things.

  4. Love your post!!

    I try to keep it simple in crafting but I always get overly ambitious on baking. That seems to be when things really go wrong. I have a botched creation and a mess of flour and sugar in the kitchen! Ugh!!

    My most recent was when I tried to make the cookies that you layer the colors, roll them up, cut them and then they should look like beautifully swirled cookies. I ended up lumping all the dough together into balls. It was terrible!!


  5. I found you through craftfail – those cupid crayons are hilarious!!! My house i a total tip ALL THE TIME, I'm not brave enough to put pics of it on the net….and don;t even LOOK at my blod right now…I have been trying all day to desing my own background and i made a right mess of it. I haven't posted there in a year, and i decided to give it a make over and start again, but i CANNOT get it to look right. Ah well.
    Nice to meet you!!!

  6. I just discovered your blog & this post…yes! That's pretty much how I feel reading a lot of blogs. I actually have a half-written post about it, even. 🙂

    LOVE the phallic soap! I'm so glad you shared it because it gave me a much-needed laugh this morning! xoxo

  7. Haha the puffy paint is too funny! You are not alone my house is often a mess too and I always take close up photos of projects so no one can see the mess. LOL

  8. Yep… a fail craft and I even had directions for it… last St. Patrick's Day, my daughter, Maddie and I were suppose to be making a salt dough necklace… mine turned out way too big… if she would have worn it as a necklace, she would have looked liked a rapper or fallen over face-first. So it became a door knob hanger… still cute and Maddie and I had fun… but my husband laughed too. Here's where I blogged about it:

  9. They are all cut. What happened to making a normal penis, intact with foreskin, as mother nature intended? lOl!

  10. Ha ha! Oh my – this is really bad…. because I'm looking at this at the office and started giggling out loud! (Don't worry – I'm not working… Just came to use internet. 🙂 )

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