Featured Guest : Make. Do. See. Be.

Hi everyone!  We are a dynamic team of a mama, Abbe aka the big, and a toddler, Augustus aka the little.  Most of our together time is spent outside but living in the woods deep in the heart of New England means long winters inside.  We like to do a variety of creative activities but my true love is to design and sew anything I could get my hands on and most of these projects involve the little sitting upon my lap at my machine.  My Pop Pop taught my mom how to sew when she was ten.  My mom taught me how to sew at about the same age.  Now that our little is a bit over two it is for sure about time he begins his sewing journey…giggles.

I received a book for the holiday season called Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts from my partner and the Papa aka Ben.  The good news is that I lovelovelove sewing and fabric crafts.  The bad news is that the book involves Martha Stewart and I am so not a Martha.  The most inventive way that I could think of to fully use this book and express my appreciation for the gift while remaining true to my hip, funky, cool self would be to take her “contents” page of projects from A to Z and complete each one in my own fresh way.  As of today I am just a bit over the halfway mark to completion of her list and the finish line is in sight.

Here is a fun, super easy, inexpensive project to do with your littles from her “N is for Nursery” section called Simple Felt Garland.

Materials needed: felt in your choice of colors (use the amount needed for the length of your hanging space), 5″ wide and 7″ high triangle template, paper scissors, fabric scissors, a few pins, a ruler, a writing utensil, hanging hardware (nails, wall hooks, pushpins/tacks).  

The only two skills your team needs to use are cutting and sewing a long line.  (Please note: always use age appropriate safety measures)

Sew them together using one long continuous straight line of stitching.  Start by leaving out about a foot of extra thread, place needle in the upper corner of the first triangle, then go, go, go.  Do not stop after you sew the line at the top of the first one…simply pick up the presser foot and catch the next one’s corner underneath and go, go, go.  No overlap of the triangles is needed as the thread will hold all of them together.  Leave out about a foot of extra thread after the whole length is completed.  If you need to, tie slipknots at the ends and hang.  Pretty pointy pops of color!

Ours is above the little’s bed but I think this is a super cute party decoration idea, a great baby shower idea adding each letter of the child’s name to a triangle, and even a creative garland for a holiday tree using mini triangles.  The possibilities are endless so use this idea to go wild and create your very own decorative garland.
Thanks for sharing Abbe! Be sure to check out Make. Do. See. Be. for more crafty ideas! 

4 thoughts on “Featured Guest : Make. Do. See. Be.

  1. Great job, Abbe and Gus Man!! From the Auntie ” who can make a hundred things from a paper bag” as stated from Nana blue eyes who can make a hundred things from anything!! Keep up the great work Mama!!

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